Janelle Sinclair (the interview) | #TRUE20


1. Name, position at True & dates worked there?

Janelle Sinclair Women’s Buyer/General Manager Started in October of 1999.

Retired August of 2015.

2. Work experience prior to working at True & what is your current occupation

and employer?

Prior to True I worked a variety of jobs from a hostess at TGI Fridays to a

merchandiser for Levi’s Dockers and right before I got the job at True I

worked for a company called Swank that did licensing for a bunch of jewelry

lines. Current occupation doing freelance production work and I will be soon

launching a kids line at the end of this month.

3. Fondest memory of your time working at True?

The best memories I have working at True….definitely all the Magic shows. I

nursed some of my worst hangovers during appointments at Magic and still

went out that night to do it all over again. Soldier!!

4. Worst memory of your time working at True?

Worst memory was definitely the morning of the fire. That was so hard to

see. I felt horrible for Michael and there were so many memories that were

now in the ashes. Waiting for the rebuild was hectic too since everything was

jammed in to the shoe store. That was definitely difficult.

5. Tell me about some of the people you met while working at True, customers

& co-workers. Any good stories?

I made so many friends at True. Michael Brown is family to me. He allowed

me to have so many great opportunities and I got some much experience

within the industry working at True. I am forever grateful for the years I

spent there. Too many awesome friends to name. I keep in touch with so

many people and have made so many great connections from True. Good

stories….Ask Josh about the time we got kicked out of spearmint rhino!

6. What did you learn (if anything) during your time working at True that

continues to be useful to you today?

I learned how to multitask. I use that on the daily especially since becoming

a mom. I learned so much about running a business. It helped me a lot when

I opened my lingerie store. I also learned a lot about different aspects of

creating a clothing line. While starting this kids line I often came back to

Michael with questions and Josh was key in helping me develop my logo and

brand identity. Working at True always gave me a lot of entrepreneurial

skills and motivated me to want to make my own mark in the industry.

7. Any advice to future employees or customers of True?

Employees: You will always be an FNG (fucking new guy) no matter how long

you work there. No, but really True is an awesome place to work and you can

learn a lot so don’t take this job for granted. Polish your skills and learn

something about how to run a successful small business. Customers: Stop

yelping about AJ being rude….It’s part of True’s appeal.

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