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First of all congratulations on the GIANT PEACH anniversary. I’d like to start off by asking, did you ever envision being around 15 years after its inception?

Thanks! No, we didn’t imagine being around for 15 years. We’re very grateful.

Please explain where the name GIANT PEACH came from and a brief story behind its inspiration.

Well, the name is a tip of the hat to the Roald Dahl story, James and the Giant Peach. We had come up with a list of names, but we just kept coming back to this one. We kinda liked the idea that once James goes into the peach and hangs out with a bunch of odd characters his life gets dramatically better.


What does it mean to be a Bay Area company these days with a focus on music and street wear? How is GP different from the rest of the pack in the Bay?

There have always been a lot of people doing their thing in the Bay. I”m not sure what it really means, but folks here are always on their hustle. We’ve always been somewhat different because we weren’t necessarily building our own brand or pushing a clothing line but helping each artist establish their own. We have always been artist-driven. We also do a lot of behind the scenes stuff like fulfillment and tour support.

Name some music artists that are key inspirations behind GIANT PEACH. Is GIANT PEACH primarily reppin’ the Bay or are you more universal in your scope?

We started out with people who were our friends who had faith in what we were doing, so most of them were from the Bay: Solesides/Quannum, Stones Throw, Hip Hop Slam, ABB, Living Legends, Ledisi. Some of our best selling artists have been Aesop Rock, Dilla, MF Doom. Stinke & I both worked for Hieroglyphics when we started the site, and they were always really supportive. We have definitely become more universal in our scope. We were lucky, it just grew organically.


Anything you want to tease out as far as the collaboration with TRUE? A small hint maybe? Just a tiny little morsel of a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for the fans? Mmmmmaybe?

Cool out to the music ’cause it makes you feel serene.

Shout outs/thank you’s?

Our thank you list is way too long…we owe a huge debt to a lot of people. But we definitely need to shout out Mike Brown/TRUE, L.D., Stinke & Meca, Mike & Rozelle, B-Love, Dave & Jeff, JDebeck, and all of the past & current Peach employees, artists, vendors & customers. We appreciate the support!

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