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Come Saturday (June 14th), San Francisco-based clothing line Public Meridian will release their collaboration with TRUE exclusively at True’s San Francisco and Walnut Creek locations. A fact that might get lost in the mix as the crew celebrates the release is their history at True, a known launching pad in the realm of streetwear. The team at Public Meridian, comprised of longtime friends Justin and Daniel, sat down with Jorge Courtade recently to discuss the brand’s origins (hint; True) and the timing behind the collaboration.

On True:

While noting some subtle differences, Public Meridian’s history at True sing similar tunes. Officially, Justin’s time at True began in 2007 though he’d known about True for some time. Knowing that the streetwear stalwart provided a start in the industry for many, Justin took the knowledge he’d acquired majoring in fashion marketing and management with him to True on Haight. Daniel’s relationship at True started in 2008. Fresh off of an accounting gig out of college that paid the bills but left him unfulfilled, Daniel began working at True’s Walnut Creek location. Choosing passion over paper, Daniel chose to work at the first boutique he’d walked into years earlier. Upon his eventual move to True on Haight, the two became friends and the stage was set for Public Meridian’s inception.

On Public Meridian:

Travel. Leisure. Living Life With an “F” In It. When the duo is asked to describe the concept behind Public Meridian, they don’t mince words. Incorporating aspects from different cultures and locales, the brand brings a worldly perspective to an industry that often finds itself stuck within familiar confines.

On the Exclusive Release With True:

With the release quickly approaching, the question that popped into my head was, “why now?” Or, in other words, given that Public Meridian began over two years ago and the close relationship the tandem maintains with the True family, what made this Saturday happen now? Justin and Daniel explained that really, they just did what felt natural. Public Meridian has grown at a steady pace and they felt the time was right to partner up with the crew that helped make it all possible.


Come out Saturday and experience another notch in TRUE’s ever growing history and assist us in the ushering in of Public Meridian’s grand step into the industry. You can check out more of their happenings by clicking the links below… | |


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