Cool Clothes We Just So Happen To Sell


Working (and playing) at a place like True means constantly seeing new clothes. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a store and see a bunch of cool shit? Or when you used to go on Karmaloop or Kazbah or Jackthreads or Ebay or Amazon or wherever and found exactly what you were looking for? Now imagine feeling that twice a month. Like clockwork. It could be a random Tuesday and 'poof!' shipments from all of your favorite clothing brands. It could be a slow Thursday afternoon and 'poof!' our newest drop is here, our newest collection, the one we've been talking about for months. 


For the sales associates, this means opening a box of clothes sent from places like Burbank, San Leandro, Memphis, Irvine, and Tacoma. It's like streetwear Christmas except instead of Santa dropping off goodies it's the FedEx guy. Instead of leaving milk and cookies out for him, we bring him CODs, otherwise known as Other People's Money. This sets the staff in motion. Tags are made, things get hung and folded and put away. That means when you like a jacket or a hoody or a t-shirt, you get to marvel at it on about four different occasions before it even hits the floor. Then it hits the sales floor and it whispers to you from the racks. Maybe you don't put it directly in front of everything else, maybe you put it second, you know, just in case. 


I can look in my closet right now and remember the first time I saw certain pieces and how they made me feel, how they compelled me to act. 


Hey, I'm gonna go sell some DVDs and like three USF t-shirts so I can buy this 10 Deep jacket. 


Hey, I'm gonna ask management nicely if I can get True's newest drop. 


Hey, I'm gonna do some freelance work so I can cop this ill Stussy hoody with minimal guilt.


You know the mental acrobatics you do when you justify a purchase. 


Luckily for you, I am here to bestow upon you, our favorite stuff in the store as of, well right now.


Stussy - Tartan Trench Coat






True - School Daze Varsity 


True - Interlocked Hoodie



Penfield - Kasota Jacket 

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