Just (Jason) Kidding

You know how they say smell is the sense most tied to memory? Well, shoes have to be the article of clothing most related to nostalgia. Don't believe me? Remember the first pair of Jordans you ever got for your birthday or Christmas or whenever else? Remember the pair of shoes you bought after you got the first paycheck from your first job? Remember the shoes you laced up on the basketball courts of your childhood, the ones you wore when you were raining buckets over that one kid? 

Shoes can become synonymous with people or ideas or time periods. Forrest Gump's Cortez,' Lil B's dirty Vans, PF Flyers in the Sandlot. 

Recently, some shoes came into the shop that brought out a river of childhood memories for our resident shoe guy, Brandon. The Nike Zoom Flight 95s, otherwise known as the Jason Kidds, came out at a time when Nike's basketball prowess went unmatched and the Bay Area's point guards were... well, on point. Kidd and Gary Payton, whose 'Gloves' also came out in the mid-90s, marked a time when Oakland laid claim to the NBA's elite PGs. Ah, 'twas a simpler time. 

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