Chuy and Mind Motion: Bay Area All Stars

Chuy and Mind Motion: Bay Area All Stars

This Saturday, November 28th, True will be hosting Chuy and Mind Motion Day, a tribute to the titans of Bay Area radio.



New York has its Funkmaster Flexes and its DJ Clues, Atlanta has its DJ Dramas and here in the Bay, we've got Chuy and Mind Motion.


Growing up, you hear people on the radio and think they're some type of mythical beings, famous beyond your own understanding. I mean, they are heard by thousands of people every day. Their names ring from San Jose to Vacaville. Their voices become familiar. You start to understand their humor, start to notice the subtleties of their mixes, the type of music they like. You almost feel like you know them.



Being "on the scene" you often meet people you've idolized or admired from afar. Most are nothing like what you expected. Pompous, entitled, flat out rude.


In my time here at True, I've had a chance to meet both Chuy and Mind Motion.  They represent the best of the Bay, the things that make us tick. Fact is, the Bay is unlike anywhere else on Earth. We move different. We talk different. And all that diva shit gets shut down quick. 



That's why Chuy and Mind Motion are so adored here. They ARE the Bay. They embody our values.


Their talent goes without saying. Chuy is the voice everyone turns to in the morning, the person who almost makes you forget you have to clock in an hour, makes you forget you're stuck in terrible standstill Bay Bridge traffic. And that, my friends, is not an easy feat.



For the aspiring DJ, Mind Motion's mixes are a reminder that, you sir, are not even close. You hear that Mind Motion! drop and know you're about to hear some shit. I'll never forget being at a birthday party where he was spinning, when he blew my mind with the craziest trap remix to "Suavemente," maybe the one song in Spanish that everyone knows.



Chuy Gomez and Mind Motion are two men I always see with smiles on their faces, two men always ribbing each other and their friends. They don't take themselves too seriously. This is supposed to be fun after all.


This Saturday we honor two of the most respected individuals in the Bay, pioneers of this culture, a culture we often forget had to be built from the ground up by people like them.


It'll be fun to honor their talent. It'll be more fun to celebrate great human beings.


Thank you Chuy and Mind Motion. If anyone deserves this, it's you guys.



With love,

The Bay Area


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