This Saturday will be a busy one here at True, as we drop our "Spillions" capsule collection, a collaboration with the SF-bred rap duo. 
San Francisco has a history of bringing together unlike things to create something
new, oftentimes a glimpse into the future. Two artists from The City, Spankpops and
J Billions, exemplify what it means to be from the city by the bay. They are two
rappers from different neighborhoods, with different sounds, coming together to
form “Spillions,” a new duo making feel good music with a distinct San Francisco
Spankpops (Spanks for short) hails from The Fillmore. You can hear it in his
voice, in the way he moves. Merging gritty street references with a love for the
burgeoning Bay Area streetwear scene, his sound and lyrical content represent a
shift in thinking, a shift away from being limited to either the one-dimensional
“street poet” or the “hipster rapper.” He is a hybrid of sorts, representing the
humanity in all of us, the ability to be a part of several, intersecting cultures.
J Billions, from Hunter’s Point, is an entertainer through and through. His
energy is unmatched. In a genre that likes to focus on not even having to try, he is
the antidote, putting his entire being into every bar, every song, and every
performance. He recalls living a dangerous life, one that felt like he was “sitting
outside waiting to get shot.” Friends were lost to the streets and, eventually, a life-
threatening car accident gave him the spark he needed to take music seriously.
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